Can-Am 2017-2018 Defender HD10 Traxter HD8 Joint Assemble Half Shaft 705502451 New OEM

by Can-Am
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$ 244.99

Please note this item is not a vehicle. The image will only represent what the item looks like on the vehicle if shown.
New OEM Can-Am Rear Axle Shaft
OEM Part Number: 705502451 (QTY 1)
Item only fits specific models listed. The picture could be generic.
Message us with VIN/HULL for fast fitment verification.

2017 Defender HD10

2018 Defender HD10

2018 Defender HD10

2017 Defender HD8

2018 Defender HD8

2017 Defender MAX

2018 Defender MAX HD10

2018 Defender MAX HD8

2017 Defender T

2017 Traxter HD10

2018 Traxter HD10

2017 Traxter HD8

2018 Traxter HD8

2017 Traxter MAX

2018 Traxter MAX HD10

2017 Traxter T

2018 Traxter T HD10

2018 Traxter T HD8


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