Honda 2009-2016 CB Conn Rod Bearing A 13214-MFL-003 New OEM

by Honda
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$ 11.50

Please note this item is not a vehicle. The image will only represent what the item looks like on the vehicle if shown.
New OEM Honda Bearing A Conn Rod
OEM Part Number: 13214-MFL-003
Item only fits specific models listed. The picture could be generic.
Message us with VIN/HULL for fast fitment verification.


2016 CBR1000S

2016 CBR1000RR

2016 CBR1000RA

2015 CBR1000S

2015 CBR1000RR

2015 CBR1000RA

2014 CBR1000RS

2014 CBR1000RR

2014 CBR1000RA

2013 CBR1000RR/R

2013 CBR1000RR

2013 CBR1000RA

2012 CBR1000RR

2012 CBR1000RA

2011 CBR1000RR

2011 CBR1000RA

2010 CBR1000RR

2010 CBR1000RA

2009 CBR1000RR

2009 CBR1000RA


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